About Us

Our Mission
  • Pocket friendly Ride ,
  • Noiseless Traveling,
  • Guilt-Free status.

Our Story

Our story started with two engineering students – Ayush Mishra and Sajal Sahu. Rising fuel prices is a matter of concern for all of us. There is clearly an urgent need on the part of everybody to address this pressing problem, to find inspiration and ideas for a pollution-free future. One day during brainstorming, they decided to explore this technology in the interest of Green, Eco-friendly, and Sustainable mobility solutions. With the aim of designing a smart bicycle that would provide a comfortable and safe mode of commute to people.

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Principle of Our Work

  1. To provide lightweight, powerful, easy-to-use, universal conversion kit.
  2. To fight climate change by making the mass switch from high CO2 emission transport to ultra-low CO2 emission.
  3. To attract environment conscious evangelists for adopting clean mobility solutions.
  4. To build guilt-free as the new status symbol.


For people whose average daily run is under 50km and who is looking for alternate mode of transportation that is pocket friendly, good for health, and reduces traveling time.


It will eliminate the barriers that stop so many people from riding cycle, such as their time, effort, health issues, hills or distance, tiredness & boredom.


  • Saving in travel time
  • Serving as a status symbol
  • Support to green initiatives
  • Reduces annual travel cost by upto 90%